Dave Rippe Presents Hastings as a Certified Economic Development Community

Pictured (From left to right) Michael Krings, Mayor Corey Stutte, Dave Rippe, Maggie Vaughn

HASTINGS – At Monday’s City Council Meeting Dave Rippe, the Director of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, recertified Hastings as an Economic Development Community. Rippe says that this recertification is well deserved. 

At its core, the certification is a recognition of collaboration, partnership, and preparedness. And as we look at what’s happened in Hastings over the last five years, which is what the increment that the department and the diplomats review this recertification on, it’s easy to see signs of great efforts of collaboration and preparedness across all sectors. It’s also easy, from our departments perspective, to see, in dollar terms, where we’ve been able to participate in and recognize that collaboration and preparedness.

The City Council also approved an Electric Service Agreement with Breechblock Renewables which Mayor Corey Stutte says would be a win for the city of Hastings. 

We’re talking a potential 150 million to 200 million dollar investment into our community. Probably over 60 jobs with an average salary of over 60-70 thousand. And I think that’s a big benefit to the city of Hastings. Not to mention that they will be our second largest power user, if they do come to Hastings. So that’ll be a big benefit to Hastings Utilities, should they choose to come here.

The city council also approved a contract with Windstream Communications to upgrade technology in the 911 center and to connect the Hastings 911 Center to the South East Region 911 Cooperative Group. Police Chief Adam Story says this allows for better technology in the 911 center. 

This is the equipment that when you call 911, either on a wireless phone or a landline, it directs it from Adams County into our facility. 

And City Administrator Dave Ptak wrapped up the meeting by saying that the opportunity to buy into solar panels should be available by mid August and the website will be CityofHastings.org/Solar.

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