Day of Caring for Those Who Care Cancelled; Tips For Caregivers During the Pandemic

HASTINGS -The Caregiver’s Coalition has decided to cancel the Day of Caring for Those Who Care due to the coronavirus pandemic. They are talking about potentially doing a similar type of event later in the fall. Jinx Hackler, with the Caregiver’s Coalition, says that this is a tough time for caregivers.

Some of them may be out of a job, most are having to take care of loved ones with special needs more often, and it can be a very stressful time for caregivers. Hackler said that those who need care are more vulnerable right now and it’s important to still take care of them.

If you happen to be caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia you want to be sure and not spread unnecessary alarm about the coronavirus for the person that you’re caring for. This will cause them to be more upset, and anyone who cares for someone with dementia knows that having your loved one get upset, you try to avoid that. So it’s more important now, than ever, to maybe not talk about it as much while you are with them. 

She suggested doing things that are fun like watching old movies they enjoy, play some cards or board games, or listen to music. Make sure they are stocked on their supplies and medicine they need. Hackler also said it’s imperative that caregivers watch after themselves as well.

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