Department of Labor Says to File for Unemployment if You Are Out of Work

NEBRASKA – With thousands of Nebraskans out of work because of COVID-19 health concerns, The Nebraska Department of Labor is working to expedite unemployment claims and benefits.

Grace Johnson, Public Information Officer with the Department of Labor, says if you’re now not working, you should file.

Right now if you’re a working who’s not being paid due to this current situation, go ahead and file a claim. We’ll determine whether you’re eligible. If you’re not sure if the type of work you do qualifies, just go ahead and file and we’ll make that determination as to whether you’re eligible for benefits.

It will take between 8 to 21 days for claims to be verified and workers to receive benefits. The DOL has a special team working fast to verify clams related to COVID-19. Most unemployment claims are being processed online via the website or the NEWorks mobile app. Or if someone can’t file online, limited in person help is available at a Department of Labor office location.

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