Department of Labor to Host Drive Thru Job Fair in Hastings on Wednesday

HASTINGS – The Nebraska Department of Labor is hosting a Drive-Thru Job Fair at their Hastings Job Center on Wednesday from 11am to 1pm. They are located at the Landmark Center and it will be happening on the east side. They have over 46 employers who have provided job application information and people will be able to drive through and receive a packet of information about all of the job opportunities. Randy Kissinger, of the Nebraska Department of Labor, says that this job fair is very important due to worker shortages in the area. 

We want to reach those people that maybe are working. That don’t have a lot of time, that can’t take an afternoon off and come walk through a job fair and meet an employer and bring resumes etcetera. We are trying to address the labor shortage. We see it all over town. And it varies from part time to professional, technical, manufacturing ones. So we are just doing anything we can to match those individuals that are looking for work and then providing opportunities to get in front of people that they normally don’t have the opportunity to get in front of.

Registration is not required and there is a wide variety of jobs available for all eligible working ages and levels of experience and education. The packet will have information about the employers, the jobs available, and how to apply.

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