Despite DHM Changes the Gateway Farm Expo is Still On

KEARNEY – The 2020 Gateway Farm Expo will proceed on November 18th & 19th at the Buffalo County  Fairgrounds in Kearney. This decision follows careful consideration by the board of directors in light of recent trends in  COVID-19 and changes to the Two Rivers Health Department Risk Dial and state Directed Health Measures. 

This decision comes after review of the updated DHM and further discussion with Two Rivers Health Department staff. The  major impacts of the changes to the DHM are a reduction to 25% of venue capacity for the event and the mandate of social  distancing of at least six feet. Given the large capacity of the show venue the show will be able to stay within the 25% capacity  requirement. The show is also laid out in such a manner as to allow exhibitors and guests alike the space to maintain six feet  social distance. These restrictions add to a number of other measures which are part of the approval for the event received  from the Two Rivers Public Health Department. 

The commitment of the Gateway volunteers to operate the show in a safe and responsible manner goes well beyond just  meeting regulatory requirements. There is a high level of concern about proceeding with an event at a period in time when  COVID-19 cases are rising dramatically, and healthcare resources are under pressure. These concerns are balanced by the  needs of the essential industry we serve, agriculture, to continue producing food, fiber, and energy. Gateway has always been a  fun event but there is a very serious business side to the show as well. In fact, for 2020, all elements of the show except the  serious business side have been postponed until future shows. With the adjustments that have been made, we believe the show  can go on in a safe and responsible manner. 

The commitment of the volunteers who operate the show will mean little without the cooperation of the exhibitors and  visitors who attend the show. The health department permit requires, and the show staff strongly supports mask wearing,  social distancing, and hand sanitation. The show will facilitate all of these activities each and every attendee will have to take  responsibility to follow through on these actions. Each of us have family, friends, co-workers, and business associates who are  relying on each and every attendee to be responsible and do their part to protect each other. 

The Gateway Farm Expo is asking you to wear masks, social distance, and hand sanitize. Please: Consider these acts of appreciation for the opportunity to have a show at all. 

  • Do your part to protect yourself, family, friends, neighbors, customers, and business associates. Do your part to protect your good reputation and that of the local community and ag industry. Don’t be the person who puts others at risk. 

Show the world that the show can be done safely and responsibly.

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