Downtown Businesses Offering Take Out and Delivery

HASTINGS – Businesses in downtown Hastings are trying to limit the amount of foot traffic they get by offering services such as take out and delivery. Some places that didn’t do delivery before are now doing delivery or something along those lines. Tammy Orthmann, the Director of the Downtown Center Association, says that it’s important to support local businesses, especially during times like this.

Don’t forget about the small businesses. You know, WalMart and Amazon are going to recover a lot quicker than maybe an independent business would, from this crisis. You can call and get gift cards now to use later. You can find out if businesses that don’t ordinarily go delivery are actually now delivering. Or if you can go and quickly pick items up without having any actual interaction with people. People are being very adaptive. 

The restaurants are also making sure they are disinfecting constantly and following the CDC guidelines. Orthmann also suggested to always call before stopping by the stores and restaurants because things are changing constantly.

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