Early Giving For Give Hastings Day Begins Today

HASTINGS – Early giving for Give Hastings Day has begun today. The annual fundraising event will be held on May 6 but people can donate right now at GiveHastings.org or by dropping a donation off at the Hastings Community Foundation.

There are 92 different nonprofit organizations to choose from. People can make gifts to multiple organizations with one transaction. There is also an option to equally distribute the donation to all 92 nonprofits.

Dan Peters, the Executive Director of the Hastings Community Foundation, says that they are coming off a record year but the most important thing about Give Hastings Day is the number one. 

And what we mean by that is, if every donor who is a part of give day were to find one new nonprofit to support. That’s new to them, that has a mission that really is of interest and meaningful to them. If every donor were to support one new nonprofit, man what an impact that would have on Give Hastings Day and our entire community. 

One new feature they added this year is that people can create a personalized fundraising page for a nonprofit organization at GiveHastings.org. The leaderboard and fundraising totals for the 8th annual Give Hastings Day will be available on Thursday, May 6th. The event will conclude that day at 11:59 pm.

Checks payable to the HCF can be delivered to Hastings Community Foundation, 800 W. 3rd St., Suite 232, Hastings, NE 68901. In seven years, a total of more than $3 million has been raised for area nonprofit organizations.

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