Elective Surgeries To Resume at Mary Lanning Healthcare on May 4

HASTINGS – At the weekly Hastings COVID-19 Press Conference, Eric Barber, CEO of Mary Lanning Healthcare, says that they will be resuming elective surgeries. They currently have 7 coronavirus patients in house, down from 10 last week. They are also trying to expand testing and they currently have two different testing platforms. You do have to have a physician’s order to get tested. Barber said that visiting a doctor or going to the hospital is no more dangerous than going to the grocery store.

There’s no reason to try to avoid getting the necessary medical treatment that you need. Whether that’s a wellbeing visit or whether its truly a procedure you’ve been putting off because of this virus or just because. So I’m going to encourage everybody to operate in facts and not in fear. And the fact is, when you come to the hospital we will absolutely keep you safe. When you go to your physicians clinic, they will keep you safe. We have enough personal protective equipment at our hospital, we have the resources we need here at our local facility. 

The visitation policy for Mary Lanning will not change.

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