Firefighters Encourage Community to Help Dig Out Hydrants

HASTINGS – Hastings Fire and Rescue is encouraging community members to check around their homes and dig out any fire hydrants that have been buried in the snow.

HFR has responded to multiple house fires so far this winter, and reaction time is key. Every second spent digging out a fire hydrant is time that can’t be spent putting out a fire.

Assistant Fire Chief Troy Vorderstrasse said in cases where a hydrant is completely buried, it can be difficult to know where to start digging. The extra time it takes to locate the hydrant can cost someone their home in the event of a fire. Having the extra help from the community after a snowstorm can make all the difference.

Vorderstrasse said they aim to keep the snow at least three feet away from all hydrants to allow for quick and easy access.

“We really appreciate anything the community can do to help us dig these out,” Vorderstrasse said. “If you’re physically unable to shovel the snow away, let us know and we will do our best to get out there and dig it out.”

If you have a buried hydrant but are unable to clear the snow away, call HFR at 402-461-2350.

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