First Day of School at Adams Central Was a Success

HASTINGS – Despite the coronavirus pandemic protocols and guidelines and despite construction not being finished on Highway 6, Adams Central Public Schools Superintendent Shawn Scott says that the first day of school was a successful one.

Since the South Heartland District Health Department has increased the risk dial to orange from yellow, they had to do temperature checks twice a day but Scott said they haven’t been that big of a hindrance. They had about 900 students show up on the first day. 

These numbers are right on where we thought. The elementary is probably about 15 students higher than we were last year. And the high school is about 15 students less. But it all balances out. And, probably, if I had to predict from last spring, that’s where I thought they’d be. So numbers are doing very well for Adams Central, might be even slightly up like they traditionally are. 

The students have been doing a good job with the mask mandate as well.

Traffic has been an issue with the Highway 6 project and parking lot construction but Scott said that once they are done, the traffic flow should improve. The Highway 6 project should be completed by Labor Day, according to the Nebraska Department of Transportation.

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