First United Methodist Church Jazz and Jambalaya Fundraiser

HASTINGS – Want a taste of the Cajun South? Well the First United Methodist Church is having a Jazz and Jambalaya Fundraiser at the City Auditorium on March 28th from 4:30pm to 8pm.

Pastor Greg of First United Methodist Church says the funds raised from this event go towards a lot of different programs and missions.

We co-sponsor, with the First Presbyterian Church, the United Harvest Food Pantry that happens once a month. And we also help out a local ministry called Miriam’s Hope. Which Luke Kliewer conducts. He tries to help families who are in stressful situations and tries to help them become family again. And not have their kids end up in the foster system. We also help missions across our area, which includes the states of Kansas and Nebraska. So we help, like if there’s tornadoes in some of the small towns, some of the funds that we have will go to help with that.

They also help globally such as helping people after natural disasters and giving aid to people in Africa and other places as well.

The Hastings High School Jazz Band and a brass choir will be performing at the event.

The tickets are 15 dollars in advance and 20 dollars at the door. For more information or to get tickets you can stop by the First United Methodist Church or call them at 402-463-6733.

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