Fly on the Ford Event at Hastings Municipal Airport

HASTINGS – The first ever commercial airliner, the Tri-Motor Ford, is at the Hastings Municipal Airports and you can fly on it this weekend. There are only 18 of these left in existence and most of them are in museums or are unable to fly.

Glen Bredthauer, the President of the Experimental Aircraft Association in Hastings, says the airplane is an important piece of history.

It was built by Henry Ford. They were built from 1926 to 1933. There were only 199 of them built. This one was number 146. And it first flew August 21, 1929.

It was the luxury liner of the time and has flown in Havana, the United States, and the Dominican Republic. It was also used as a crop duster and to fight forest fires.

If you take a fly on it, it’ll last for about twenty minutes. They’ll also have pancakes for breakfast everyday this weekend. More information on the Fly on the Ford event can be found at or at

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