Former and Current Teachers of the Year Send Letter to Governor Ricketts Requesting Mask Mandate

NEBRASKA – 10 former and current Teachers of the Year in Nebraska have sent a letter to Governor Pete Ricketts requesting a mask mandate throughout the State of Nebraska.

The letter they sent to the Governor can be read below:

Governor Ricketts,

As Nebraska Teachers of the Year, with a combined 200 years of teaching experience,  we ask that you make the responsible decision to mandate mask wearing in our state.  

We represent both rural and urban Nebraska communities. We serve students of all  ages. Our goal is, and always has been, to provide the best education for our state’s  youngsters. Part of providing the best education is to ensure that our children are safe.  While we can control what happens in our schools—and are doing a fantastic job with  mask wearing and social distancing—we cannot control the rise in community cases.  This is where your leadership has the opportunity to make sure that our students-and  the communities they reside in-are safe by mandating mask wearing.  

You are aware of the research that resoundingly supports mask mandates. You are  aware of the grim statistics showing the rise in Nebraska cases and the precarious  situation this rise places on our health care institutions. We are so very appreciative to  all healthcare workers for their continued fight against this virus and its impact on our  communities.  

You are now aware that your state’s most highly recognized teachers are asking that  you make the decision to mandate mask wearing. We show up to work each day  dedicated to doing our best for those we serve. We ask the same of you.  


Nebraska Teachers of the Year (by year) 

Maddie Fennell, 2007, Omaha 

Mary Schleider, 2008, Firth 

Michael Fryda, 2010, Omaha 

Bob Feurer, 2011 North Bend 

Luisa Palomo Hare, 2012, Omaha 

Angela Mosier, 2013, Omaha 

Shelby Aaberg, 2015, Scottsbluff 

Sydney Jensen, 2019, Lincoln 

Megan Helberg, 2020, Burwell 

Paul Timm, 2021 Lyons-Decatur

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