Garage Sale City Wide Has Spots Available

HASTINGS – The Hastings Parks and Recreation will have their annual Garage Sale, city wide, on November 2nd and they still have spots open for people to have booths. It’s an indoor garage sale where people from all over sell used goods, just like a regular garage sale, but inside the City Auditorium.

Ryan Martin, Recreation Superintendent for the Hastings Parks and Recreation, says that this event is perfect for that cold time of the year. 

It’s a one stop shop. So you don’t have to be outside, in your driveway, bitter cold, trying to sell your stuff. You can get a table for twenty dollars, you can get up to two tables per person. And come have it indoors and it’ll be nice and warm.

You can sign up to have a spot at or you can call the parks and recreation office at 402-461-2324.

There are still some tables available but the open spots are starting to fill up. They will also have a concession stand and anyone can stop by and see what’s available to buy. It is free to enter and open to the public.

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