Give Hastings Day Very Important for Nonprofits; Especially This Year

HASTINGS – Early Giving has begun for Give Hastings Day and the Hastings Community Foundation and nonprofits are saying this is the most important Give Hastings Day yet. Give Hastings Day will take place on Thursday, May 6 but people can donate now at or drop checks off at the Hastings Community Foundation office.

Jodi Graves, the Executive Director of the United Way of South Central Nebraska, says that it’s important for people to recognize all of the important work that nonprofits do in the community.

United Way, in particular, just having that platform to be able to talk about the important work that is happening and the different programs that are offered. It’s just another way for us to get that word out and to really let the community know about all the important stuff that’s going on. 

There are 92 different nonprofit organizations to choose from. People can make gifts to multiple organizations with one transaction. There is also an option to equally distribute the donation to all 92 nonprofits.

Jo Springer, the Executive Director of the enCourage Advocacy Center, says that donations make a huge difference for the services they provide and they rely on state and federal grants for cost that they can anticipate.

They can’t cover things like: I think of someone who was here from out of state. And she came here with a boyfriend. And the violence increased when he got her away from the safe people in her life. And she wanted to leave and go back out of state and so he slashed all of her tires. And she was stuck in Hastings. And we were able to use donations to pay to replace her tires so she could drive back to her community. 

A new feature they added this year is that people can create a personalized fundraising page for a nonprofit organization at The leaderboard and fundraising totals for the 8th annual Give Hastings Day will be available on Thursday, May 6th. The event will conclude at 11:59 pm that same day.

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