Good Samaritan Society, Hastings Village, Has Turned in Reopen Plans and Awaiting Approval

HASTINGS – The Good Samaritan Society, Hastings Village, has turned in plans to reopen in phases to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human services and they are now awaiting approval from the department.

They had until June 22 to turn in those plans. Courtney Peeler, the Director of Marketing for the village, says that long term care facilities and nursing homes at the village will be the last places to reopen and relax visitor restrictions. 

So some of those things that we need to make sure that we have in place are monitoring the COVID positive cases in Adams County. We also need, in our plan, to make sure that we have enough personal protective equipment. That our residents and our staff stay protected and make sure that there is inventory in case of positive cases that come into the building. But also just in our daily cares now that we are restricted and how we are following the guidelines. And also making sure we have plenty of staff. 

Their staff have been helping their residents stay connected with their family and friends by helping them do facetime and zoom meetings.

The residents who live independently are currently not under visitor restrictions but they are expecting them to be responsible. The main thing they need to avoid is community spread in the village. They have begun to reopen some buildings on campus, including the village diner and the golf course.

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