Governor Pete Ricketts Addresses the Legislature

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts

HASTINGS – Governor Pete Ricketts made his Inaugural Address at the Unicameral Thursday in the second day of the 2019 Legislative Session.

He reiterated that his administration’s primary goal for Nebraska is to continue to grow it for the next four years. Ricketts went on to say that there are four pillars to continue growth.

The first pillar is making sure we’re connecting Nebraskans to great paying jobs and that they’ve got the skills to be able to take those jobs. The second pillar is making sure we’re cutting regulatory red tape. Taking down barriers for job creators and providing our services at the speed of business. The third pillar is making sure that we are good stewards of the taxpayer dollars. That we’re doing a good job of taking care of the people we’re supposed to. But we’re also being respectful to the people who are paying the bills. That we’re constraining spending, providing tax relief, especially property tax relief. And the fourth pillar is that we promote our state. And this is why I travel all around the country and around the world. From New York to Seattle, Japan to Europe. Telling people that we have got the best place in the world right here.

Ricketts then talked about the accomplishments and accommodations that Nebraska has been recognized for, such as being the number one most fiscally stable state in the country, having the third highest wage growth in the country since 2014, and Forbes Magazine naming Nebraska as the fifth best state for business.

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