Governor Pete Ricketts Announces Land Expansion at Prairie Loft Center

HASTINGS –  Governor Ricketts made two stops in Hastings on Friday. The second stop was at the Prairie Loft Center. He announced the 65 acre land expansion that was approved for Prairie Loft.

Ricketts said that agriculture is an important aspect of Nebraska and Prairie Loft does a great job teaching people that. 

Agriculture is our number one industry here in the state. And we always want to make sure we recognize that. Especially as we become more urbanized. We need people in our cities all across the state to know where their food comes from, how food is grown, and have that connection. We want people to know how that farm to table works. And Prairie Loft will be an opportunity to be able to help provide that education. 

Amy Sandeen, the Executive Director of Prairie Loft, explains a little bit of what this land expansion entails.

Part of this agreement is that we are responsible for putting in 250 hours of work and $2500, at least, in expenses for improvement to those acres. And we’re excited to do that. We’ve already done that this year, just getting started. 

The land expansion deal between Prairie Loft and the State of Nebraska is a ten year agreement in which Prairie Loft will use the acres to enhance place-based education activities in food production, wildlife habitat, grazing practices, land management, and community engagement.

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