Governor Pete Ricketts Continues to Encourage Safety Through the Holidays

LINCOLN – Governor Pete Ricketts is encouraging Nebraskans to still be cautious we continue to move through the coronavirus pandemic. Although it seems that a vaccine will be available soon, he reminded everyone to wear a mask when you are in public indoor places. Avoid the Three Cs; Confined Spaces, Crowded Places, and Close Contacts. And washing hands is very important as well, as that can kill the virus.

As for holiday shopping, Ricketts says that people should go alone and be as quick as possible, just like going to the grocery store. The Governor also said it’s imperative that people stay home if they are sick. 

These are all things we can do to be able to help slow the spread of the virus. And ultimately, make sure we protect our hospital capacity so that anybody that needs that acute care can get it when they need it. That’s the whole goal of trying to slow this down is to preserve our hospital system to provide that acute care. So please, everybody, pitch in to help slow the spread of the virus. Help is on the way. But we need to continue to make sure we’re not letting our guard down here over the next several months. 

Right now the state is in the orange phase in relation to hospitalizations. While the hospitalizations have dipped down in the last week, they are still close to that 25 percent marker which would put the state in the red phase. If that 25 percent number gets hit, further restrictions will be implemented, similar to the ones we saw in the spring when the pandemic first hit.

In relation to the vaccine, they are expecting to get some in the middle of this month but they will be prioritized for healthcare workers and nursing home and assisted living facility residents. They are expecting the general public to have access to the vaccine in the Spring. No one will be mandated to get vaccinated.

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