Governor Pete Ricketts Ends Coronavirus State of Emergency on July 1

LINCOLN – At a press conference on Monday morning, Governor Pete Ricketts announced the end of the Coronavirus State of Emergency at 11:59pm on June 30th. The executive orders will end thirty days after that, except for three of them. He began the press conference by noting that there are only 27 hospitalizations statewide due to the coronavirus, which is less than one percent of hospital beds.

The State’s TestNebraska contract will also end on July 31st, with the last to be tested on July 18th. He also said that local health departments should be discontinuing their risk dials. Governor Ricketts also said that the coronavirus will still be in the community. 

That’s why it’s important to get a vaccine. So we still encourage people to get a vaccine. Vaccines work. We have proof of it here in Nebraska. We know vaccines work. So please get your vaccine. And it’s also still a good idea to do some of the other things we talked about, right. Making sure you’re coughing into your elbow. Washing your hands. And, importantly, staying home when you are sick. Those are all still good things to do. Not only for the coronavirus but for everything.  

The Governor noted that his expectation is that all kids will be in classrooms in the fall and there will be no masks or vaccines required. He said private institutions should also not require masks or vaccines.

Although, institutions that are governed by the Federal Government will still have to follow those federal regulations.

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