Governor Pete Ricketts and DHHS Focuses On Mental Health During Pandemic

HASTINGS – The Coronavirus Pandemic has not only had an effect on people’s physical health but also people’s mental health. Governor Pete Ricketts focused on the importance of mental health during his press conference on Monday. He was joined by Sheri Dawson, the Director of the Division of Behavioral Health in the Department of Health and Human Services, says one of the main problems during this pandemic is people experiencing loneliness. 

So it’s really critical that we continue to recognize and be ok with talking about loneliness. And talking about the opportunity for us to feel better, to feel connected, and ask for help. 

She also said that the holiday season is always tough on people and managing expectations is important.

Many times at this holiday time we romanticize what a holiday celebration should be about, how perfect our relationship with family members should be. You really need to manage those expectations and really embrace the imperfect. Because we know that’s really going to be a part of this season. 

Dawson and Governor Ricketts encouraged people to sleep well, exercise, and eating well are important to maintain good mental health. They also said being charitable, like donating and volunteering, can also help improve mental health. It’s important to get professional help if you are feeling unwell mentally, it’s just as vital as getting help when you are having physical health issues.

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