Governor Pete Ricketts Gives Update on Vaccines and Rental Assistance

LINCOLN – Governor Pete Ricketts held a press conference on Monday morning to talk about the continued vaccine rollout and how the state is helping renters out who may be struggling due to the pandemic.

Last week, coronavirus hospitalizations rose for the first time in 18 weeks and Ricketts reminded people that the pandemic isn’t over and everyone needs to continue to be cautious. Ricketts also said that the state will receive more Johnson and Johnson vaccines this week. 

Here in Nebraska that means we’ll have about 27,600 doses of Johnson and Johnson. You put that together with the 25,740 Pfizer and the 19,200 Moderna and you’ve got 72,500 doses that we will have here in the state this week. The Federal Pharmacy program is also expanding. And that is going from 17,000 pharmacies nationwide to 40,000 nationwide. 

Anyone can register for the vaccine at

Ricketts also talked about the rental assistance they are offering during the pandemic. Nebraska received about $200 million dollars through the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. The state will be responsible for $158 million and the rest is distributed to Douglas and Lancaster Counties.

Both tenants and landlords can sign up for rental assistance at Coronavirus.Nebraska.Gov. Applications will be accepted through August.

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