Governor Pete Ricketts Makes Stops in Grand Island, Hastings

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts

HASTINGS – Governor Pete Ricketts held a town hall in Grand Island Thursday to talk about the 3 tiers he and the senate will be working on. The first tier he talked about was the Nebraska Floods.

81 of our 93 counties, so over 85 percent of our counties, declared a natural disaster. 104 cities.

The second tier was about growing Nebraska economically by getting better paying jobs to keep our future generations around and to bring more people into our state.

One of the things we have there is our developing youth talent initiative. That’s a grant program that encourages private sector companies to work with the school district to create programs, in seventh and eighth grade, to expose our young people to careers available here in the state in things like manufacturing and IT.

And lastly the third tier he stated that our budget has been the best it’s ever been with spending at about a 0.5 percent increase and he talked about being a more efficient government.

And so in the past what we’ve done is we’ve merged our veterans hospitals into the Department of Veteran Affairs to create one stop shopping for our veterans. We’ve combined our Department of Roads and our Department of Aeronautics into a new Department of Transportation to find synergies there. This year, working with the legislature, we’ve passed two bills. One will combine our Department of Environmental Quality with our Energy Office to create a new Department of Environment and Energy. To really find the synergies between those two organizations.

Governor Ricketts also stopped in Hastings to speak at the Rotary Club on Friday. He talked about many of the same issues during his speech.

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