Governor Pete Ricketts Reaffirms He Won’t Raise Taxes to Lower Property Taxes

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts

Governor Pete Ricketts has said repeatedly that he won’t raise taxes to lower property taxes.

He says that some state senators do have bills circulating in the legislature that would increase taxes on pop and candy, craft breweries, auto repairs, tobacco, as well as others.

On top of not raising taxes the Governor has two other parts of a three part plan to try and alleviate property taxes.

The first is increasing the property tax credit relief fund by $51 million a year to a total of $275 million. And what that would mean for a homeowner with $100,000 of valuation, is that their property tax credit would go from $86 to $106, so significant increase there. And if you were an ag land owner you would go from $103 to about $127. So significant increase in the relief coming back from the state.  The second thing I want to do is put a floor in that, $275 (million), so we can’t fall below that. To give certainty to property tax payers.

Governor Ricketts says that the legislature has not been able to work together these last two years to solve this issue and his hope is that they will soon.

Bringing up that one of the property tax relief packages last year did get filibustered. He says we didn’t get into this problem overnight and we shouldn’t be looking for ways to get out of it overnight.

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