Governor Pete Ricketts Responds to Calls From Some Senators to Open Up the State

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts

LINCOLN – At his daily press conference on Monday, Governor Pete Ricketts responded to the fact that some state senators had called for him to reopen the state. Namely, State Senators Steve Erdman and Steve Halloran have been calling for the state to reopen and loosen the restrictions that have been put in place.

The Governor says he wants to reopen as soon as possible but it’s important to make sure the healthcare system doesn’t get overwhelmed.

If you go back and look at Grand Island it’s a great example of how quickly this can come up on you. The Public Health Director was just talking about how in Grand Island, locally, that hospital could get overwhelmed. And why we need to move patients around to be able to manage that. But think about how fast that happened. A week ago, when we were having the big spikes in testing positive, the hospital was not being impacted, so there was a lag effect there from that happening. So we saw the high test for positivity, and now we’re starting to see the hospital getting more patients. 

He also reiterated that when the state does begin to loosen restrictions, they will happen in stages.

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