Governor Pete Ricketts Still Encouraging Vaccinations

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts

LINCOLN – With the delta variant of the coronavirus spreading and cases trending upwards, Governor Pete Ricketts says that the vaccine is still the best line of defense against the virus and to keep hospital capacity steady. 

Right now we’ve got about 33 percent of our hospital beds available. About 28 percent of our ICU beds are available. And we’re having conversations with the hospital systems on what we need to do to make sure to continue to manage it. And, frankly, while we have seen the number of hospitalizations from COVID rise. We also see there a lot of other people going to the hospital for different reasons and that’s putting a challenge on staff. 

He also said that if people are hesitant about the vaccine, the recent FDA approval should reduce some of that hesitancy. 

So the FDA evaluated more of the data and has approved. As opposed to just emergency use authorization. And I know some people were waiting for that to get the vaccine. If this was what you were waiting for I certainly would encourage you to get that vaccine and we know vaccines work here and it is our best line of defense. 

He said that if anyone has any more concerns about the vaccine, they should talk to their doctor or primary care physician.

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