Governor Pete Ricketts Unveils New Program; Test Nebraska

NEBRASKA – At his daily press conference on Tuesday, Governor Pete Ricketts unveiled Test Nebraska, which is a program that will set up a lab in Nebraska to increase the amount of testing that can be done to about 3,000 a day, in about five weeks time. They are currently at 600-800 tests a day.

The state is working with the private sector to try and get this done. Governor Ricketts explained why it is important to ramp up the testing.

As we look to loosen those restrictions, what we want to do is ramp up our testing so that we can find more people who are COVID positive. And then through contact tracing, and ramping that up as well, have those people stay home and quarantine and find out all of the other people they’ve had contact with and get them to quarantine. What we want to shift to, over time, is really focusing on those who are directly impacted. Those people who test positive and the people they’ve had contact with. So that we can shift it from quarantining the entire state to really quarantining those people who are going to be most impacted.

They will prioritize those high risk people, first responders, and the people with extreme symptoms first. They will then move to those who are showing minor symptoms and then people who are asymptomatic.

They are hoping to bring 500,000 tests in total to Nebraska and they will be free. Governor Ricketts said the state will set this up and should be ready by the end of the month. Anyone can get assessed right now at

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