Governor Ricketts Clears Up Some Confusion About Keystone XL Pipeline

LINCOLN – During the monthly Governor’s Call In Show a caller asked Governor Ricketts what happens if there is a spill from the Keystone XL Pipeline and if the pipeline, itself, will still get built.

Ricketts says that TransCanada will be the one responsible for the cleanup of any potential spills.

You know, they did have a leak. Because, you’re right, there’s no perfect pipeline that you can prevent a leak for. But my recollection is about a year or year and a half ago, in South Dakota, there was a leak. I’m trying to think how many gallons it was but it was significant enough that you could see it from the air. But my understanding is and from some of the news stories I’ve read about it, that the property owner was very pleased with the response from TransCanada. They were actually on site within two hours. And were responsible with the entire cleanup of the land there and the property owner was very pleased with that.

The Governor went on to say that TransCanada still has plans to build the pipeline and are still working with landowners to secure easement rights.

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