Governor Ricketts Commends Everyone Who Has Helped With Flood Relief

HASTINGS – With the recent flooding that hit Nebraska, many people have stepped up to help out in many different ways and Governor Pete Ricketts says that it has been great to see so many people step up to the plate for people in need.

He says that from Nebraskans, other midwesterners, and the federal government, it’s been a great response.

The Governor says that the work has been paying off.

Well so far the recovery has been going well. We set up a housing task force at the state level and there has been several set up at the local level as well to help the people that were impacted by the flooding, either get back in to their homes, by getting them repaired. So we’re working on trying to get people back into their homes. We also are working on long term solutions for people whose homes they will not be able to go back to. So we’re going to be trying to figure out what we’re going to do for those folks.

Ricketts also said that there were about 3,000 miles of highway closed from the flooding. He says that’s down to only 11 miles now but they still have 12 bridges that are out and that need to be replaced. Some of those bridges will have temporary replacements and will take a while to get more permanent replacements.

The Governor said that, even though it may take a while, Nebraska will build back, better and stronger than before.

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