Governor Ricketts Congratulates Hastings HVAC in Person on Largest International Sale Ever

HASTINGS – Governor Pete Ricketts made two stops in Hastings on Friday. His first stop was at the Hastings HVAC where he celebrated their biggest international order in Hastings HVAC history. It’s an order to Australia for $200,000 worth of parts.

The Governor said this highlights the good work Nebraska manufacturers, especially Hastings HVAC, are doing. 

They’ve got a company in Australia, 9,000 miles away, that just placed the largest order with them ever for Australia. And that really highlights the great quality of work they do here. And the fact that Nebraska manufacturing is some of the tops in the nation. And it also highlights what great careers we have here in Nebraska, especially in manufacturing. Everybody knows we’re an ag state but manufacturing is our second biggest industry here. 

He also gave the city of Hastings great praise. 

Oh I love coming to Hastings. It’s a wonderful community. You got so much dynamic growth going on here in the state. It really is a great model for every other city in the state. 

Shawn Hartmann, Vice President and COO of Hastings HVAC, said that this sale is a big deal for them. 

Especially for this time of the year. Usually, historically, this company has been a little slower in the summer because we primarily do so much heat. Not only is our sales way up but this is a big order for us to have done in mid August here. It’s good, very good for the company. 

Hartmann also said this kind of sale is a sign of growth for both them and manufacturing in general in the state of Nebraska.

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