Governor Ricketts Implores Citizens and Businesses to Follow the Directed Health Measure

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts

LINCOLN – As Directed Health Measures were announced for the counties in the Tri-City area, Governor Ricketts implored people and businesses to follow the guidelines in the measure. This means following those CDC guidelines of social distancing, keeping gatherings to 10 people or less, and cleaning and disinfecting.

The measure also means that bars and restaurants can no longer do dine-in but they can do delivery and carry out. Businesses such as salons, theaters, and gyms must follow the rules as well. The Governor said everyone has to follow these guidelines.

We’ve got to do better. We got to make sure that we are continuing to do that social distancing. This is something we are going to be in for the entire month of April, at least. So we’ve got to make sure, right now is the time. If you look at some of the models out there, it shows that between the middle of April, end of April, early May, somewhere in that time frame, we are going to reach the peak here in Nebraska of the coronavirus spread. And yes, we are working to draw that out, slow it down, that will help us ensure that we don’t overwhelm the healthcare system. 

He said that people should also follow those guidelines at grocery stores. That means only send one person from the household to get groceries, if the parking lot is full, come back later, keep your distance from other patrons and the employees, and only go out for the essentials. And if you are sick stay at home and keep any other members of the house at home as well.

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