Governor Ricketts Says Restrictions Will Be Phased Out Overtime

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts

LINCOLN – Governor Pete Ricketts said at his daily press conference that when things calm down, the restrictions put in place will be phased out overtime. They will do it in stages to make sure there is no bounce back with the virus.

As we start lifting those restrictions we want to keep a lid on those new infection rates so that we don’t see spikes in the outbreak of the virus. So that’s really going to be our goal; is to keep a lid on how fast that virus is spreading here in our state once we lift those restrictions.

They will re-evaluate the whole situation towards the end of April and make decisions from there. The Governor also said a local Hastings business is doing it’s part to fight the virus.

Another Nebraska company that has been helping out with hand sanitizer. This is Pacha Soap down in Hastings. And so they are now making their own antiseptic hand sanitizer. So we have another Nebraska company stepping up to help fight the coronavirus here in our state. 

Governor Pete Ricketts also issued Passover and Easter proclamations and designated Sunday, April 12th as a statewide day of prayer for those affected by coronavirus.

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