Governor Ricketts Signs Two Bills Into Law to Benefit Military Spouses and Senior Citizens

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts

LINCOLN – At a press conference on Wednesday morning, Governor Pete Ricketts signed two bills into law. The first one he signed into law was a bill that makes it so military spouses can use their out of state teaching license to teach in the state of Nebraska with a three year teaching permit. It will also require the Nebraska Department of Education to expedite the process of getting that permit.

The second bill he signed into law was a bill that will protect senior citizens by allowing broker dealers and investment advisors to delay transactions if they think a senior citizen is being taken advantage of. Gina Ragland, of AARP Nebraska, says that elder financial exploitation is a significant problem.

Older Americans make up 12 percent of the population nationwide. But constitute a full 30 percent of the victims of consumer fraud crime. Older Nebraskans are especially susceptible to financial exploitation. Because they often have sizable assets and a reliable, steady income. And oftentimes they are not able to recognize when it is happening to them. One out of five older adults experience financial exploitation with the average victim losing $120,000.

In the 2020 session a similar bill was passed that allowed banks to do the same thing. Both bills passed unanimously in the State Legislature.

The Governor also mentioned that starting on Monday, statewide, any one ages 18 and up will be eligible to sign to be vaccinated at Vaccinate.NE.Org. They will still prioritize older ages and people with underlying medical conditions.

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