Governor Ricketts Talks Possibility of Growing Hemp

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts

LINCOLN – In the most recent Farm Bill, the USDA put a provision in to allow farmers and ranchers to legally grow hemp.

With President Trump signing that farm bill just a few weeks ago, Governor Ricketts has been working with State Senator Justin Wayne of Omaha to create a bill for a regulatory program for growing hemp.

We have to do inspections and all those sorts of things. You have to test and everything…. to make sure the THC, which is the psychedelic ingredient in marijuana, is at a low enough level. So there’s a whole regulatory scheme we have to put in place to be able to do this and meet the USDA guidelines in that farm bill.

Ricketts is also working with the Nebraska State Patrol and Attorney General Doug Peterson on this issue.

The Governor says there are still details to be worked out but the bill should be successful this year.

They’ll be working to get those regulations out this summer so producers can get to work on growing hemp.

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