Governor Ricketts Wants Legislature to Work Together to Find Property Tax Relief

LINCOLN – The Legislature is trying to relieve property taxes again this year and there are many different ways state senators and other officials are trying to accomplish that.

But Governor Pete Ricketts says that the Legislature is trying to raise taxes to alleviate property taxes.

The Governor says that this should not be the way they try to lower property taxes.

The program they’ve got right now is actually going to just end up creating more government spending. And that’s what we have to get out of. We have to get out of this cycle of tax and spend, tax and spend. These are solutions that have been tried in the past and failed.  The Legislature really needs to work on other solutions like budget discipline, direct property tax relief, eliminating tax growth, valuation reform, basic funding for education. These are all the types of ideas that I’ve talked about with the Legislature about in the past.  And we’ll look at working with them in the future rather than the solution they’ve got right now which will just make everything that Nebraskans buy in the state become more expensive. And frankly, hurt our lowest income Nebraskans the most.

Governor Ricketts says he would rather work with senators ahead of time to find a win/win instead of having to veto a bill.

The Appropriations Committee cut the Governor’s recommendation for property tax relief in half. The Committee voted to increase the Property Tax Credit Relief Fund by $26 million instead of the $51 million increase recommended by Governor Ricketts.

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