Grand Island Doctors Ask Governor to Enforce Stricter Limitations in State

GRAND ISLAND – A group of doctors has urged Gov. Pete Ricketts to impose stricter measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Forty-five doctors from Grand Island on Saturday published an open letter warning that the incidence is going to increase dramatically if nothing further is done to mitigate the spread in the community.

Governor Ricketts said at his press conference on Monday that they have been talking to Mayor Steele about further steps in Hall County. 

We are seeing a higher rate of testing positive in Grand Island. First of all, we are going to be communicating to employers about the needs for them to follow the social distancing guidelines. Specifically around, six foot distance, ten person rule, and importantly, if you’re sick stay home and everybody in your household needs to stay home. And with the largest employers we are going to be working with them in regards to a plan for how they are going to communicate this out and what steps they are taking specifically, with regard to their teammates, to be able to protect their health and safety. 

They will also be working to expand testing in Grand Island and the National Guard will be there to help with that. They will provide more resources to the Central District Health Department as well. And they will expand communication in Grand Island to try and reach more people with their message of “Stay Home, Stay Health, Stay Connected.”

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