Grand Island Rolling Blackouts Required to Conserve Energy

GRAND ISLAND – In order to maintain the electrical power grid, local Utilities are imposing a series of rolling power blackouts. Areas will be affected for only brief periods of time (30 minutes).  The Grand Island Utilities Department urges residents to reduce power usage.  Turn thermostats below 68 degrees, turn off lights, and avoid use of large appliances like ovens, washers and dryers.  Contact your local utilities for outages longer than planned.

We have been notified that the outage area has been expanded this morning beyond Hall County. Unfortunately rolling outages happen in “real time”, and are implemented immediately when the need to reduce demand is determined. Those of you impacted by an outage right now–we expect the duration to be approximately 30 minutes. Stay tuned…we will be updating you as more details unfold.

These outages are planned and temporary.  Use 911 only for emergency situations requiring fire, police or medical response.

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