Hastings Catholic Schools Chicken Noodle Dinner Fundraiser Will Look Different This Year

HASTINGS – The Annual Hastings Catholic Schools Chicken Noodle Dinner Fundraiser is happening on Sunday but it will look different this year. They will be doing drive through carry-out only this year. The individual meals are ten dollars a piece. The family pack will cost forty dollars.

The Holiday Bazaar will be happening this year but Hauli Sabatka, the executive director of foundation and advancement with Hastings Catholic Schools, says that will also look different. 

We’ve kind of taken it online. From our website you can get to our fundraising platform. We’re going to have a silent auction. We have, normally, our big spinning wheel, where people buy tickets and win prizes. That’s all going to be online as well. And you can buy your dollar tickets or your ten dollar tickets for the raffle. Another favorite thing people love is that we have over 75 themed baskets. So from a hot choco basket, to a sports basket, to a baby basket, there’s so many great prizes there you can win. You can buy tickets for that. 

They will also have a showcase on saturday between 10am and 4pm and sunday between 9am and 4pm. People will be able to come into the gym and view the items that will be available. Masks will be required for that and they will enforce social distancing.

The Chicken Noodle Dinner Fundraiser will be on Sunday and tickets will be available at the drive through, at the school, or on their website at HastingsCatholicSchools.org.

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