Hastings Catholic Schools is Planning on and Hoping for Students to Return in the Fall

HASTINGS – Hastings Catholic Schools is currently in the planning process for students to return in the fall semester. They are hopeful that students will be able to return in the fall and, as of right now, it seems likely they will be able to.

Although they are making multiple plans for the many different scenarios that might arise between now and the start of the school year. Father Tom Broulliette, the Chief Administrative Officer with Hastings Catholic Schools, says that they have been working with the other schools in the area.

Well we think it’s very important, as community leaders, to work together. We’ve done that for a long time now and I think people appreciate that we do work well together. And we work together on different fronts. We don’t work together on everything but a lot of things. We think that’s important to have a cooperative spirit and get along with our neighbors. Certainly, the community supports us a great deal and supports all of our school systems in this area. 

He also said that the smaller class sizes for Hastings Catholic Schools will help out with social distancing but things like lunch in the cafeteria or the weekly mass will be a more difficult situation. It’s reasons like those that their plans are tentative for the time being.

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