Hastings Catholic Schools Kicks Off Campaign with Event Wednesday Night

HASTINGS – On Wednesday night, Hastings Catholic Schools will kick off their Our Faith, Our Future, Our Time Campaign with a special event that will be held in their gymnasium. The Kick-Off event will offer a briefing of the campaign background, reasons for the campaign, project details, financial projections and ways to support the campaign.

They are looking to raise ten million dollars over the next five years. Father Tom Brouillette, the Hastings Catholic Schools Chief Administrative Officers, says that the campaign has two parts. 

There’s a component for teacher pay. There’s also a component for a renovation of the high school itself. And a two story link between the two wings. Making it handicap accessible, which we don’t have right now. I think, right now, we are at about 88.5 percent of Hastings Public Schools starting pay. So we are going to continue to address that and hopefully get a little closer to the mark. 

Money raised will also be used for upgrades at St. Michael Elementary and general funds for both St. Michael and St. Cecilia parishes. St. Cecilia High School is the original building from 1957 and 1961 and has seen no renovations. The last new construction was added to the St. Cecilia campus in 1988 when the Middle School and gym/fine arts center were built.

The last facilities campaign at Hastings Catholic Schools was in 1996 when St. Michael Elementary was constructed. The kick off event on Wednesday night will get underway at 6:30pm with a short performance from the St Michael Spirit Singers and will include a variety of speakers. The event will conclude with a social and tours of St. Cecilia High School and it is free and open to the public.

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