Hastings City Council Annual Retreat to Happen Saturday

HASTINGS – The Hastings City Council will be going on their annual retreat this weekend. Every year the city council gets together with staff and they review how things have gone with the different departments and they look ahead to get ready for the budget season.

Mayor Corey Stutte said they will talk about the continued reorganization within the city as well. 

We’ve combined IT, HR, Finance, and Engineering most recently. And we are also going to be talking about the condition of City Hall itself. City Hall continues to have problems with leaking roofs, leaking basements, asbestos issues. So we’re going to have make some decisions here pretty quickly coming into the new fiscal year on what we’re going to do with that building and whether or not we’re going to need to look for a new solution for City Hall itself.

Other topics include things like quiet crossings around the city.

They were able to have a retreat last year right before the pandemic hit. Stutte said they had conversations last year about how the pandemic might affect things but they had no idea what was in store over the past year.

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