Hastings City Council Appoints New Finance Director

HASTINGS – After multiple stints as the interim director, Roger Nash has been chosen as the new Finance Director of the City of Hastings.

The Hastings City Council approved the appointment with a 7-0 vote at Monday’s City Council meeting.

Mayor Corey Stutte said that Nash will be a great fit in the finance department.

Sometimes things change. And we had a personnel situation happen in the finance department here just a short time ago. And it really was a personal issue for the former Director of Finance. And I think that’s all that needs to be said about that. But, we’ve got the guy that, I think, can really drive things forward with our finance department.

Also approved at this weeks meeting was a slew of summer festivities events such as fireworks at Duncan Field for the Sodbusters and approval of the Adams County Fairfest Parade.

They also approved shelving storage renovations for the Hastings Museum which was paid for by the half cent sales tax.

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