Hastings City Council Approves Agreement to Boost Emergency Medical Services

HASTINGS – The Hastings City Council approved an agreement at Monday’s council meeting that will improve the medical emergency services in the city. They approved an agreement with South Central EMS, LLC to provide backup emergency medical services to the city. Fire Chief Brad Starling said that this helps solidify some agreements with other advanced life support private services.

To help provide backup services for the service that we provide to the county. The administrative code requires that all ambulance services have a backup provider and that is a formal agreement and this will work towards that. We’re also working with the other private ambulance services in town to secure agreements with them as well so those will be coming forward. 

They also approved an addition to the South Central Area Law Enforcement Services, or SCALES, which the Hastings Police Department is a part of. Hastings Chief of Police Adam Story said they are adding the Minden Police Department to SCALES.

SCALES has been around for over fifteen years. It’s a consortium that we do a lot of training through. And we also work in each other’s jurisdictions for major cases or in custody death type situations. This addendum is just adding an agency going from fourteen agencies to fifteen. 

The council also approved a downtown project that will renovate a property for a financial office and apartments above the office.

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