Hastings City Council Approves Bids for Landfill

HASTINGS – The Hastings City Council approved multiple bids for the landfill that totaled over one million dollars at Monday’s city council meeting.

These bids included a heavy duty industrial horizontal wood waste grinder and a 2020 model tracked waste handler dozer. Council members Butch Eley and Chuck Rosenberg voiced their concerns over the lack of bids on these projects.

City Attorney Dave Ptak said that the staff did their due diligence when it comes to looking for bids. 

I asked Mr. Wacker did he look on the state bid? Did he look on the general service administration website? Did he look on some other entities that are available to do that? To determine what is out there. I think this is a specialized piece of equipment as far as what we’re looking at to determine what is out there. I know that we complied with the requirements as far as the bidding arrangement.

City Engineer Dave Wacker said that these bids needed to be passed as soon as possible because they were urgent. The city council approved the bids with a 6-2 vote on the wood waste grinder and a 5-3 vote on the waste handler dozer.

The city council also approved the final reading of modifying the extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction. They approved an ordinance to provide the assignment of a zoning district in the area within the city’s extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction.

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