Hastings City Council Approves New Interim City Engineer; New Downtown Project

HASTINGS – At Monday’s Hastings CIty Council meeting, the council approved an interim city engineer to replace Dave Wacker, who is retiring. The interim city engineer will be Lee Vrooman. Mayor Corey Sutte thanked Wacker for his 44 years of service to the city of Hastings. 

He has done an outstanding job. He is probably the most knowledgeable person that I know, when it comes to anything related to the CIty of Hastings. Especially, obviously, roads related. But, Dave, bravo to you, you’ve done such a fantastic job. 

Dave Wacker said it has been a pleasure to serve the city. The council also approved the application for a Community Development Block Grant Downtown Revitalization loan by THOAR, LLC. It is a forgivable loan in the amount of $200,000 for a renovation project. Randy Chick, the Director of the Business Improvement District, said that they combined 2017 and 2019 funds for this project.

Obviously, it will be a great project. It’ll end up being over two million dollars, another ten apartments and some white box spaces.

The council also approved a slew of street improvement projects and approved a hearing date relative to the levy of the special assessments for those projects.

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