Hastings City Council Approves Resolution to Make Decision on Viaduct

HASTINGS – The Hastings City Council approved a resolution to make a decision on the future of the old viaduct by discussing it at the December 2 work session then voting on it at the December 9 city council meeting.

The resolution had to be amended for clarity as city council member Chuck Rosenberg thought it was too restrictive with the options. The amendment made it so the wording sounded less restrictive and allowed for more options, such as rebuilding it.

The amendment and the resolution passed 8-0. Mayor Corey Stutte says people want something to be done with this viaduct.

There are differing opinions on which way this is done, there are differing opinions on how it could be done, or maybe the way individuals would like to see it. Everyone’s got an opinion, but we need to make a decision, this is a safety issue. Regardless of whether it’s repaired or torn down the substructure of the actual viaduct is in terrible shape, and I think that this is this is trying to address. We can’t really speak to taking it to the vote of the people at this point, it’s up to the people to gather the signatures. We could move forward with something like that, but that will be a huge tax impact, we’re talking about an estimate of being 12.5 to 13 million for a new viaduct.

He went on to say that with 42nd street and the west and east highway 6 projects these types of things add up and can cause a major burden to the taxpayer. He also mentioned that bonding things to pay for projects could add to the city’s debt.

Multiple citizens came with their thoughts and concerns as well. Ranging from rebuilding, spending the money elsewhere and repairs.

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