Hastings City Council Discusses Ballot Language for Old Viaduct

HASTINGS – The Hastings City Council discussed the ballot language for the Old Viaduct at Monday’s worksession. During the discussion, City Administrator Dave Ptak said that the ballot language must be certified by September 1st and it will be voted on at next Monday’s council meeting.

He reiterated that the viaduct cannot be repaired and must be entirely rebuilt. The other option would be to demolish it. Ptak said that the resolution needs a not to exceed amount in the language. 

We really need to have an idea as far the dollar amount that you would be comfortable asking the citizens to have themselves taxed for as far as for, basically, the rebuilding of the viaduct. It basically provides for the payment of whatever that number is. If it was approved by the citizen voters it would be paid for through a general obligation bond. And it would be, basically, something that would be put on each property owners tax for the ensuing years. 

After discussing it, the number they decided on was 12.5 million dollars for the not to exceed amount.

Another concern was the fees the railroad might charge and Ptak said that the Union Pacific Railroad will not give them a dollar amount until a plan is presented to them which is part of the reason the not to exceed amount was at 12.5 million dollars.

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