Hastings City Council Discusses Results of Forensic Exam on Old Viaduct

HASTINGS – The Hastings City Council was shown the results of the forensic exam and condition of the Old Viaduct at Monday’s council meeting.

The exam was done by Engineering Specialists Incorporated of Omaha. They say that part of the bridge is completely beyond repair and would need to be completely removed and replaced due to not having any subsurface foundation, misalignment, deterioration and extensive damage. The other part of the bridge had less damage but would still need repairs. They ultimately expressed that the bridge cannot be repaired, it would need to be replaced.

City Administrator Dave Ptak said that the comprehensive transportation and parking plan was an offshoot of the viaduct issue. 

We have transportation needs as far as to move traffic through our community, north and south as well as east and west. And we certainly want to get as much citizen participation as we can to help prioritize where the needs really are. And once we know what those needs are and what the priorities are, then we’ll apply our resources where they’re best used to address those. 

The approximated cost of demolition would be about 1.5 million dollars and close to 7 million dollars for a new bridge and demolition. Although it is unknown how working with the railroad would affect costs for either option.

It would take about two weeks to demolish and reconstruction would take 90-120 days. Mayor Corey Stutte said they will make the presentation available on the CityOfHastings.org website.

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