Hastings City Council Forum Ward 4 Candidates

HASTINGS – The candidates for the Hastings City Council got together for a public forum to answer question from residents and members of the media at Hastings College’s French Memorial Chapel on Tuesday evening. The candidates for Ward 4 are Matt Fong and Charles Holmberg.

Fong is the Associate Vice President of Alumni Relations at Hastings College and his main concerns are growth and development, quality of life, affordable housing, and jobs.

Holmberg is a retired Hastings Utilities Crew Chief with his main concerns being utilities, housing, and construction.

Holmberg points to the wage differences here in Hastings as compared to places like Grand Island as a major issue for the city.

“Hastings has real low wages. I went to a store in town that has a business in Grand Island and that store in Grand Island is paying two dollars and fifty cents an hour more than the one in Hastings. The wages are not the best here in town. People are leaving town and we need to figure out a way to keep those people here.”  

Matt Fong thinks that Hastings is a great place to live and raise a family and that it can be even better than it is now.

“People more and more will have opportunities to choose where they want to live and where they want to work. And I think Hastings can be one of the best options for them as they look to make a choice on where they want to live their life. I think we have an excellent quality of life here with a lot of great amenities. I think we have excellent schools that can educate our young people. And I think we are really well connected in our community.”

The election is right around the corner in a little over a month on November 6th.

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