Hastings City Council Hear Complaint About Viaduct Demolition; Adopts New Energy Conservation Code

HASTINGS – The Hastings City Council heard about the impact the 16th Street Viaduct closure is having on Hastings Medical Park. Dr. Richard French, a medical doctor at Hastings Medical Park, spoke at the start of the council meeting about why it should be preserved. He said the viaduct was the quickest route to and from the hospital. 

The old overpass has been a vital link from the medical park to the hospital for almost all the forty plus years I’ve been working in this town. And I think it should still be maintained as a valuable asset to the community. Over the years it was taken for granted that the old overpass was the most direct, quickest, and shortest route from the medical park to the hospital. 

Voters narrowly elected to tear down the old viaduct in the November 2020 election. The council also adopted the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code, the same code that the Legislature adopted in 2020. The city was on the 2009 code.

There will be an approximately 25 percent increase in energy efficiency due to adopting this code. The City and Building Inspector Mark Evans said that there are some amendments to the code. 

All of the amendments that we are proposing are very similar to what the City of Lincoln has proposed. And are also very similar to what the Code Officials Association for the State of Nebraska is also recommending as jurisdictions adopt this. So we’re really trying to keep step with just the other communities across the state as far as what they’re doing as far as amendments.  

The city council also approved the preliminary plat for Theatre District Subdivision that will replace the old Hastings Mall with an 8-0 vote. All property taxes have been paid prior to signing the plat. They also approved the use of the Hastings Airport for the Nebraska State Fly-In and Air Show on June 19th and 20th.

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